Håkon’s Hall, the banquet hall for the Norwegian King and part of the 13th-century Bergenhus Fortress, Norway’s first royal residence.

2 thoughts on “IMG_5357”

  1. We also found in Bergen 1) good sweater shopping and 2) Edvard Grieg’s lovely yellow Victorian house, piano, and waterside composing studio (there’s a city bus that will get you pretty close).
    Great pics of the Sognefjord: isn’t it amazing to see from the ferry tall, tall waterfalls in every direction you look ?


    1. Yes, my sister-in-law just got some great knitted pieces by Oleana in Bergen. I haven’t been to Edvard Grieg’s house yet, but my mom will be visiting soon and we’ll be doing the Nutshell trip, so I hope we’ll have more time to explore Bergen and its surrounds. And yep, the waterfalls in every direction remind me so much of those Medieval paintings that depict the world as flat, with Land’s End being a plateau and the ocean just running off the edge of the earth in a series of waterfalls.


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