An improved biking and walking path runs in front of the U.S. Embassy along Sørkedalsveien, which is situated within a five-minute walk to the T-bane (Metro train line). The Embassy has been criticized for the high perimeter fence that runs along the main roadway. (Hey, at least it’s not the chain-link razor-wire fence and earth berm that surrounds the King’s Guard facility.) The weird thing is that the fence here is nothing new; it’s identical to the one that surrounds the old embassy. But at least at the new embassy, the main entry pavilion is open and clear of fencing and you can approach the site unimpeded. At the old Embassy (nicknamed “The Fortress”), the entire site was encircled by the iron rails, studded with cameras, and watched over by a Norwegian mobile police trailer mounted on stilts across the street. Not nearly so inviting as the new Embassy campus.

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