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The Winter that Almost Wasn’t

January 24, 2016.  Winter has been a bit of a bust by Norwegian standards — surprisingly warm with little snow, at least around Oslo.  All the prognosticators have been shamed.  Every weather report, and every Norwegian on-the-street, had predicted that 2016 would be the worst winter in decades.  “Snowfall measured in meters, and temperatures cold enough to freeze the fish in midstream,” most said with a shudder and a grin. Continue reading The Winter that Almost Wasn’t

Last Day in Tromsø

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 12.27.52 PM
The lobby at the Smart Hotel, our new fave hostelry.

February 23, 2015.  After our long night chasing the Northern Lights, we slept until around 10 a.m., then dragged ourselves downstairs for a quick breakfast in our Smart Hotel lobby.  I totally love Smart Hotels, by the way.  Not only are they affordable, but they’ve streamlined their rooms down to sleek yet spare models of efficiency and comfort.  Spaces are tight, for sure — everything you need at a fingertip’s distance from the bed or toilet — but cleanly designed with a Danish modern feel that doesn’t feel cheap, despite the low price.  Definitely a recommendation for my fellow travelers. Continue reading Last Day in Tromsø