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Hiking to Haslumseter & Stumbling upon Snakes

April 9, 2017.  Shortly before Easter break, a small snowstorm hit Oslo.  Nothing like the knee-deep dumping of white stuff that we sometimes get back home in Chicago.  But enough to slow traffic and give Norwegians an excuse to ditch work and go skiing.  The fickle weather we’ve had this year hasn’t afforded much opportunity for enjoying the trails, so any small dusting is much appreciated.

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Autumn in the Østmarka

October 4, 2016.  Autumn has been surprisingly warm and sunny so far this year.  (Thank you global warming!)  The birches are just beginning to flaunt their golden crowns, so Matthew and I decided to make a Sunday trek to see them in their natural habitat.  We’d gotten into a bit of a rut, always heading to the Nordmarka for our little hikes.  But this time, we decided to try something new — the Østmarka.

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Our Hytte (Cabin)

August 30, 2015.  So Matthew and I had our first chance to experience an official hytte vacation like real Norwegians.  Granted, our hytte — which usually connotes a remote mountain cabin — was only an hour outside Oslo by bus, and located not far away from a rural subdivision, but I’m still claiming that it counts.  After all, we had to “do our business” in an outhouse, draw our water from a nearby stream, burn candles for light at night, heat the place via a wood-burning stove, and cook our meals over a fire and a two-burner propane hot plate. Continue reading Our Hytte (Cabin)