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Dining at Dyna Fyr Lighthouse

October 10, 2016.  Some of you may remember that, back in the summer, I’d written about Kayaking in the Oslo Fjord and an adorable lighthouse that we’d paddled past.  We’d learned then that Dyna Fyr, a little Victorian cupcake of a watchtower, had been converted into a restaurant for private events.  So when the time came to host a thank-you dinner for our hardworking team, it seemed like the perfect place to go. Continue reading Dining at Dyna Fyr Lighthouse

Kayaking in the Oslo Fjord

June 20, 2016.  Before Matthew’s biking accident prohibited the use of his right hand, we had the chance to try out another popular Norwegian hobby — kayaking.  Matthew and I have done tons of canoeing, but our kayaking has been limited to small lakes and rivers using easy-peasy “sit-on-tops.”  We’ve only once tried to paddle a serious, two-seater touring model.  The attempt ended rather poorly, by the way.  The non-adjustable seats situated us so deeply inside the kayak that we were forced to hold our elbows up around our necks to paddle.  We whimpered back to the dock within 20 minutes, having completely blown out our shoulder muscles. Continue reading Kayaking in the Oslo Fjord