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Goodbye to St. Nick

January 22, 2018.  In recent posts, I’ve hinted that 2017 was a tough year for us.  Serious illnesses and life changes for our parents, the loss of my family farm, an almost unbearable workload, and an uncertain future as our conflict-ridden project in Norway comes to a close.  All have chiseled away at our spirits.  But the thing that has finally brought us to our knees is what many people might consider trivial by comparison — the death of our beloved cat Nicholas.

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Turkey: Essential Istanbul Experiences

March 25, 2016. One last post about Turkey, I promise.  I couldn’t leave the topic without touching on some of the quintessentially Turkish experiences everyone always asks about:  whirling Dervishes, baklava, hookahs, coffee, and other such stereotypical stuff.  Yep, these items may have been branded as “touristy,” but I’m never one to turn up my nose at anything harmless that has become part of a cultural identity.  If it’s fun or delicious, I’ll jump in with both feet.  Which brings me to Subject #1:  dancing Dervishes….

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