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Portugal: The Algarve’s Beaches

The roads leading to megaliths have a certain “Arizona highway” charm.

April 11, 2015.  Easter morning, on our way out of Évora and heading towards the Algarve, we decided that we still hadn’t had enough of heathens, so thus began our hunt for megaliths — huge stone slabs erected by Neolithic peoples to mark graves or track celestial happenings (think Stonehenge).  Southern Portugal has its fair share of these structures, all of which are scattered along country roads that challenged our navigational skills and left our little rental car coated in dust and begging for a front-end alignment. Continue reading Portugal: The Algarve’s Beaches

Portugal: Évora & The Pagans

April 10, 2015.  After witnessing Good Friday festivities in Lisbon, we decided that a well-rounded approach demanded we visit some pagan spots within walled city of Évora.  For those of you who haven’t heard of the town, Évora is a UNESCO World Heritage site that is chocablock with Neolithic, Roman, Moorish, and Medieval ruins — enough to keep a body busy for at least a week.  But as usual, we decided to cram it all into two days. Continue reading Portugal: Évora & The Pagans

Portugal: Easter in Lisbon

April 9, 2015.  Easter week is a big deal in Norway.  Oddly, folks don’t seem to acknowledge Ash Wednesday, but they do commemorate Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, and Easter Monday (which I’ve never even heard of but have been told it’s the day that the resurrected Jesus first appeared to the disciples.)  Regardless, with all these back-to-back religious observances, Norway gives the whole week off as a holiday.  Everyone heads to their hytte (mountain cabins) to read crime novels (no joke — I have no idea why this is a tradition), and civilization as we know it here in Oslo pretty much shuts down. Continue reading Portugal: Easter in Lisbon