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2017 Nobel Peace Prize

December 10, 2017.  Much time has passed since I first began this post about the Peace Prize.  With Nick’s illness, our family’s Christmas visit, and several big changes in our lives (details to come later), I just never had time to finish it.  The topic seems especially relevant now, however, given all the recent headlines of nuclear threats worldwide.  And so, I’ll continue my belated holiday story ….

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Norway’s National Day 2016

May 17, 2016.  I don’t think Matthew and I will ever get tired of the celebrations surrounding Norway’s National Day.  It’s like the 4th of July on steroids.  The entire country dons traditional costumes and pours outdoors to wave flags, sing songs, join parades, and party the night away.  So when a conference in Chicago threatened to make us miss the festivities, we pulled some serious airport acrobatics to arrive back in Oslo on time.  Especially because, this year, we had the added incentive of an invitation to a traditional National Day party at a Norwegian friend’s house. Continue reading Norway’s National Day 2016