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Sweet Home Chicago?

Orchestrating an overseas move isn’t for the faint of heart. Beyond the house hunting, packing, and other hassles that come with any relocation, there’s a mountain of immigration paperwork and legal logistics for every member of the household, both human and pet. I’d thought moving to Norway had been complicated. (Check out my earliest posts, The Move: Round 1 and Round 2.) But getting back home proved even more challenging. Continue reading Sweet Home Chicago?

Spring Strolls & Flea Markets

Snowdrops nodding in the shade, with crocuses in the distance.

March 24, 2015.  Spring is cautiously poking its head up in sunlit spots around Oslo; crocuses and snowdrops have pushed through their white blankets to wave and flirt coquettishly with hopeful Norwegians passing by.  The daylight hours are oh-so-gradually growing longer, and each additional second is cherished like drops of rain in the desert.  While it’s still quite chilly, and light snowfalls occasionally surprise us, we’re feeling as if the finish line for this long winter is within sight. Continue reading Spring Strolls & Flea Markets