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Antibes: Fun for Francophiles & Francophobes

When last I left you, Matthew and I were headed from Oslo to the French Riviera to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. So here’s your official notice: I’ll be departing from my central storyline (Norway) for a few blog posts in order to cover our favorite summer vacation spot — France. If you’re a Francophile like me, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the upcoming photo galleries that highlight the beauty of the region. But if you hate France (which seems to be a big theme lately in the U.S.), you can either skip this post and chill for a few days until we return to my regular programming. Or, you can swallow your bile and bravely read along. Who knows? Maybe I’ll make a convert out of you ūüėČ

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Paris and Provence

July 20, 2015. ¬†With the ridiculously¬†cold weather and unending rain we’ve been experiencing in Oslo¬†this summer, Matthew and I decided we needed a week’s vacation somewhere warm and sunny. ¬†(As a southern girl, if I don’t get a warm summer to recharge my batteries, ain’t nobody happy.) ¬†And because we’re both pretty pooped¬†out from job stress and adjusting to all the changes life has thrown at us this past year, we decided the¬†trip needed to be super no-hassle. ¬†So we opted¬†to go back to Paris and Provence. Continue reading Paris and Provence