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Paris and Provence

July 20, 2015.  With the ridiculously cold weather and unending rain we’ve been experiencing in Oslo this summer, Matthew and I decided we needed a week’s vacation somewhere warm and sunny.  (As a southern girl, if I don’t get a warm summer to recharge my batteries, ain’t nobody happy.)  And because we’re both pretty pooped out from job stress and adjusting to all the changes life has thrown at us this past year, we decided the trip needed to be super no-hassle.  So we opted to go back to Paris and Provence. Continue reading Paris and Provence

Paris Avec Ma Petite Niece

March 15, 2015.  Okay, so my niece isn’t so little now — she’s 20 and about five inches taller than I am — but she’ll always be my baby.  Since she was 12 years old, she has come to visit us for almost every fall and spring break, as well as Christmas and in the summertime.  It has been pretty rough since we’ve moved to Norway, because the time difference makes it really hard for us to talk much.  So this year I was particularly excited to have her come hang out with us in Norway for her college spring break. Continue reading Paris Avec Ma Petite Niece