A Hadeland Holiday

November 15, 2016.  Grumpy from our 24/7 work schedules and getting Grinch-ier by the minute, Matthew and I decided we needed to dredge up a little holiday spirit.  A flyer for the Hadeland Julemarked (Christmas Market) seemed just the thing to boost our basement-level attitudes.  It promised Christmas music, horse-drawn sleigh rides, traditional Norwegian food and mulled wine — plus steep discounts on the company’s incredible blown glass.  Call us Scrooges, but we’re all about bargain shopping for Christmas gifts.  (Nothing comes cheap here in Oslo, especially at holiday time.)

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Dining at Dyna Fyr Lighthouse

October 10, 2016.  Some of you may remember that, back in the summer, I’d written about Kayaking in the Oslo Fjord and an adorable lighthouse that we’d paddled past.  We’d learned then that Dyna Fyr, a little Victorian cupcake of a watchtower, had been converted into a restaurant for private events.  So when the time came to host a thank-you dinner for our hardworking team, it seemed like the perfect place to go. Continue reading Dining at Dyna Fyr Lighthouse

Autumn in the Østmarka

October 4, 2016.  Autumn has been surprisingly warm and sunny so far this year.  (Thank you global warming!)  The birches are just beginning to flaunt their golden crowns, so Matthew and I decided to make a Sunday trek to see them in their natural habitat.  We’d gotten into a bit of a rut, always heading to the Nordmarka for our little hikes.  But this time, we decided to try something new — the Østmarka.

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Oscarsborg Fortress

The poster on the left shows the real King Håkon VII. The poster on the right shows actor Jesper Christensen. Twinsies?
The poster on the left shows the real King Håkon VII. The poster on the right shows actor Jesper Christensen. Twinsies?

October 1, 2016.  Hey folks, to prevent chronological confusion, here’s a head’s up:  I’m jumping back in time a bit to catch up with my calendar of events.  In my last post before the U.S. presidential election, I’d written about Norway’s Oscar Bid and the film Kongens Nei (“The King’s No”).  Matthew and I were so taken with the movie that we decided to make a trip the next day to Oscarsborg Festning.  It’s the island fortress where one of the film’s pivotal scenes — the sinking of the Blücher, Hitler’s flagship  — takes place.

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Trump’s Election

When I began this blog, I made a promise to myself that I would keep it positive.  I don’t mean to be pollyanna; I just want to focus on the good stuff.  Believe me, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the negative when you move to a new country and leave behind your family, friends, language, home, most of your worldly possessions, and a 25-year career.  Keeping my posts humorous and informative helps me appreciate the opportunities and weather the rough times.  But I’m going to take a break from my “regular programming” for a moment, because I feel that as a responsible citizen, I must address the overseas impact of the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Continue reading Trump’s Election

Norway’s Oscar Bid

September 30, 2016.  Norway has submitted its entry for Best Foreign Language Film in the Oscar race this year.  It’s the docudrama Kongens Nei (“The King’s No”), which is based on the true story of three gut-wrenching days in April 1940, when the Nazis invaded Norway and presented their ultimatum to parliament and the king:  surrender or die.  Needless to say, the film has broken box-office records here, and Matthew and I were dying to see it.  Not as easy a task as you might think. Continue reading Norway’s Oscar Bid

The Oslo Boat Show & Norwegian Food Fest

September 4, 2016.  By now, I’m sure you’re all very much aware of how seasick I get.  So you’re probably wondering why in the heck I’d go to a boat show.  Especially when just standing on a floating dock gets me queasy.  The answer is:  I had to satisfy my curiosity about the Norwegian national obsession with fancy yachts.  From my vantage point near several of Oslo’s marinas, it seems like everyone and his brother owns a sweet ride for the water.  And the Båter i Sjøen (“Boats in the Sea”) show promised to reveal the full spectrum of luxury floatables available to the well-heeled Viking. Continue reading The Oslo Boat Show & Norwegian Food Fest

Learning to Live in the Land of the Midnight Sun

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